Monday, March 21, 2011

Spain - In the City (en la ciudad)

A film about a bunch of thirty-something friends living in Barcelona. It's supposed to be about eight people but in the first half hour so many people make an appearance it can be hard to follow.

Why watch it? Well one of my favorite actresses is in it - Vincenta N'Dongo (in the role of Sara), a Cancer, who makes me think of Denise Nicholas. In the movie, Sara is married to Mario (played by Eduard Fernandez), a Virgo, and together they are a hot couple. Yes, there is lying, cheating, and more lying - but Mario is sooooo cool. And then I got to listen to some pretty great Nina Simone music. This is a 2003 movie so now it is on video - a good thing because the movie may be hard to follow in the beginning and you can rewind - or just follow Sara and Mario and let everyone else fall into place.

What beverage? I think a really good artisanal liquor. Take your pick from three kinds:

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