Friday, March 4, 2011

Mexico - The Exterminating Angel ( El angel exterminador)

Ready for Crazy! Well here it is in Black and White.

In the first 5 minutes you'll see something is kind of off in this Luis Bunuel film, but then you think maybe you've just been drinking too much and kind of ignore it. What happens is a bunch of upperclass snooty friends are invited back to the mansion (not a McMansion, a real mansion) of a friend after a night at the theater. They enjoy a fine meal and entertainment. And when it's all over- they won't leave. In fact at 4 a.m. - the host starts thinking about how rude they are for not leaving and he starts turning out the lights. They all respond by settling down to go to sleep. Yes, they are still not leaving. They pull their shawls over them, take spots on the couch and floor, cuddle up with each other and spend the night - remaining in that one large room.

Daylight comes and they still don't leave that room. What is going on? They decide that they may as well wait for coffee and a light breakfast. And they stay on. In fact days begin to go by and the guests feel they simply cannont leave the room and no one knows why. Outside, people know they are inside, but even they cannot bring themselves to enter the mansion. Someone is selling balloons. The guests get ugly and begin to devolve - but maybe not. Maybe they were always the insensitive, crass, no thinking slobs they turn into. One woman, after having witnessed a train crash squashing the people in a 3rd class car says she was not sympathetic because poor people are not as sensitive to pain. Eventually sheep come into the house. Sure, why not. Finally, it is a young woman that decides to solve this problem. It's hard to say how many days went by or even weeks. But there was plenty of ugliness and crazy. And it so happens I like crazy. And this film really did it.

Now what to drink.

I think a nice shot of vodka or gin. Quality of course - so try a small batch artisanal liquor:


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