Friday, March 4, 2011

Brazil - Me You Them

This is a favorite! I watched it more than once because I got to share it with a friend - who was just as happily amused and surprised as I was.

It is supposed to be based on a true story - of a woman who lives in a small village in Brazil. Yes, she has children, and yes, she has a new husband somewhere in there, and yes she works hard while her new - and older husband - just swings the day away in a hammock. But she does her own thing - she lives her life knowing that she is in fact an asset to this husband - who knows it too. So he puts up with things that surprised even me - a WOW (woman of the world)!

One day the question arises? How is it that her new baby is much browner than she and the new husband? She mildly gives an explanation that made me laugh. And what on earth is she going to do with that incredibly good-looking, rather muscular man, that works where she works (and looks good in his sweat), doing back-breaking labor in the sugar cane fields? Wait? Is she going to bring him home? Again - she does her thing - but never leaves the home that she still manages to run. And leaves us, the viewers, surprised at the bold twists and turns of this most talented actress playing a wonderful role.

What beverage goes with the film?

How about something completely different? Have you ever heard of mamajuana?

Here it is:

Enjoy! And check back for regular updates! Yay!

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